Committee 2019-2020

Chairperson: Louise Sarsfield Collins, Maynooth University

Louise Sarsfield CollinsLouise is a PhD candidate at the Geography Department, Maynooth University. Prior to this she worked for a number of years in human rights and humanitarian organisations, where she developed a strong feminist and social justice ethos that underpins her work.  Louise’s research is funded by the Irish Research Council and examines the legal geographies of LGBTIQ people in South Africa. More specifically, Louise is interested in the ways in which activists and individuals carve spaces of resistance from spaces of hate and vulnerability in a post-colonial context.  When not working on her PhD Louise enjoys running, pilates, hiking and cooking.

Secretary: Caspar Menkman, Maynooth University

Caspar Menkman

Caspar is currently a PhD candidate at Maynooth University where he, as part of the ERC funded Programmable City project, studies the integration of information and communication technology in electricity systems. Of particular interest are the contested socio-spatial transformations that occur at the last-mile of the grid, especially now that participation and democratisation in electricity systems are strategically the name of the game. Besides trying and failing to figure out what electricity actually is, he likes to visit (big) things or geek out with books. Alslikes/hates football.

Events Coordinator: Maedhbh Nic Lochlainn, Trinity College Dublin

Maedhbh Nic LochlainnMaedhbh is a first year PhD student in Trinity College Dublin’s Department of Geography. Her research investigates how communities in Ireland have used social media platforms to contest water charges and housing/homelessness policies in the wake of the global financial crisis. Maedhbh is interested in the geographies of this digital contention, and wants to use qualitative and critical GIS to explore the interaction between space, place, and protest on online platforms. When she’s not researching, Maedhbh enjoys being outdoors, eating burritos, agus ag labhairt as Gaeilge.
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Webmaster: Sasha Brown, Maynooth University

Sasha BrownSasha is a doctoral candidate in Geography at Maynooth University studying the Irish legal regimes of asylum determination–the process the Department of Justice subjects asylum seekers in Ireland to, granting or denying refugee status. This project is part of Sasha’s larger interests in refocusing geopolitics around justice, and how cultures of state produce and transform our narratives and experiences. Sasha is from upstate New York and graduated from Vassar College in 2013 with a BA and from Maynooth University with an MA in 2016.


Treasurer: Michelle Curran, NUI Galway


Michelle is a PhD candidate at the Geography Department, NUI Galway. After completing her BA in Geography and Irish at Maynooth University, she moved to Galway to complete an MSc in Marine and Coastal environments. Her research investigates natural climate variability. Michelle is particularly interested in ocean-atmosphere dynamics within the eastern North Atlantic and how it affects the climate of northwestern Europe. Other general interests include music, being outdoors and drinking tea.

Ordinary Members:

Dr. Aoife Delaney, University College Dublin

Dr. Aoife Delaney is an Urban Geographer working as a postdoc on the ESPON ENSURE (European Sustainable Urbanisation through port city Regeneration) project in University College Dublin. Her PhD was submitted in awarded in September 2019 titled “Humanising Policy from ‘Warriors to Guardians’: An Evaluation of Coordinated Management and Emergency Response Assemblages”. This was conducted in the Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI) at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, as part of the ERC-funded Programmable City Project. This project was also partially funded by an NUI Fulbright Award in 2017, which allowed Aoife to study in the University of Massachusetts, Boston while conducting fieldwork under the supervision of Prof Alan Wiig. The research explored how a variety of actors, actants, and technologies involved in emergency management assemble and organise using two case studies: the Irish winter storms of 2015/16 and the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013.

Aoife’s research interests include the urban political economy, gentrification, regeneration, docklands and ports, emergency management, governance, institutionalisation, formal and informal dichotomies, assemblage theory, and Foucauldian and Agambien theories of power and sovereignty.

Rhonda McGovern, Trinity College Dublin

Rhonda McGovern, PECN committee

Rhonda McGovern (she / her) is a PhD candidate in the Trinity Centre for Environmental Humanities in Trinity College Dublin. She was a youth worker for 14 years before returning to education to complete a BA in Geography in Maynooth University in 2017. She then went on to do the MSc in Climate Change in ICARUS, also in Maynooth University, graduating in 2018. Rhonda was employed as a research assistant on a historical data rescue project before taking her current role as a PhD candidate in March 2019. Her research involves analysing and extracting weather data from astronomical diaries from Ancient Babylon to reconstruct the climate for ~600-year period. Outside of research Rhonda enjoys hanging out with friends and family, camping and going to gigs.