Workshop: Communicating Research in Our Environment

7 December, 2018

Trinity College Dublin

Wondering how to present your research?

Do you want to engage people in your research in new ways?

Communicating Research in Our Environment: Innovating research for impact to the academy and beyond is a one-day workshop to help you develop strategies to engage and translate your research to new audiences.

The workshop draws together early career scholars with successful researchers to discuss strategies, opportunities and challenges for using innovative ways to communicate research.

  • Lead by invited established colleagues in the environmental disciplines, an open roundtable discussion will discuss their approaches to successful and innovative practices of public communication. This will occur in a rapid and engaging world cafe setting; Small groups (8-10 people) will spend 30 minutes with one speaker to discuss topics like podcasting, photography, protests, film-making, etc.
  • An afternoon panel discussion will facilitate early career and postgraduate students to discuss inter/trans/multidisciplinary applications of their work such as visual methods, storytelling, media-engagement, and policy translation.
  • A practical will involve an in-depth discussion of using visual methods as a part of participatory methods, where graphic art becomes as much of the research process and as one of its outputs.

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